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Jamu is an ancient Indonesian health drink. Made with different fresh or dried herbs, spices, barks and roots of plants, the most typical variations are turmeric based, to which other ingredients are added. In villages around Indonesia the jamu seller carries large woven baskets filled with bottles of this golden liquid delivering good health to their community, while people in cities visit small jamu stands or cafes. A shot is taken daily for a health boost, or more when feeling under the weather.



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Our main superstar. Supports the liver with detoxification and cleansing toxic overload. Purifies the blood, reduces inflammation, and prevents blood clotting. Metabolism-boosting. Recent studies have shown that it is an excellent antioxidant and also supports neuro-degenerative disorders.


Zesty ginger is the warming and uplifting cousin to powerful, vibrant turmeric. Supports healthy immune function, digestive imbalance, optimal circulation and throat health.


Cooling, rich in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, suppresses the appetite and lowers blood sugar levels.

Coconut Blossom Nectar (Gula Melaka)

Extracted from the sap of coconut or palm flowers, with relatively low glycemic index. It gives a steady supply of energy, and is packed with minerals such as potassium, zinc, and iron. It's creamy texture and rich caramel flavour lends itself beautifully to create the perfect sip of jamu.

Black Pepper

Activates and enhances the nourishing properties of fresh turmeric root.


Who are you guys anyway?

Having grown up in Indonesia, Michelle grew up drinking jamu, and recommended it to Andrea who had a recurrent knee injury. Slightly skeptical and unable to find it anywhere in Singapore, she concocted the first batch of jamu in her kitchen and was blown away by its anti-inflammatory effects that were immediately felt. 

As she refined the process to stain-free fingers, jamu became a regular fixture in the kitchen fridge, drank by the whole family and guests. When friends started asking for bottles, she decided it might be a good time to learn more and try sharing this golden tonic with the rest of the world.

After trips back to Java and learning from various local healers, we refined their recipes to make a delicious tonic that still retains all its nourishing benefits. Handcrafted in small batches, we use only the purest ingredients and stay true to the traditional methods. While they still get PTSD from everything being stained yellow, fresh turmeric is way more powerful than the dried, powdered version and should never be substituted.

Move over turmeric lattes, hello Jamu!


Commonly asked questions

Where can I buy your Jamu?

Please send us a message via our Facebook page, with your order quantity. We will take it from there! Follow us on our FB and IG for more updates, as we will be selling at various farmer's markets around Singapore! As we are still in the pre-launch phase, we are sorry to say we're unable to process online payments at the moment. 

Where are the ingredients from, and where is the Jamu made?

We source all our ingredients from local fresh markets. We primarily use Indian turmeric and Malaysian Bentong ginger. Each bottle of our Jamu is cooked up in a commercial kitchen here in Singapore, and is hand-poured with love. We avoid large-scale manufacturing production as we want to serve you fresh and natural Jamu. 

How do I enjoy my Jamu at home?

Shake the bottle well, and serve it over ice or heat it up. We like adding a drop of honey and a squeeze of lime over a couple of ice cubes for a refreshing beverage!

How much Jamu should I drink?

We recommend drinking a 100ml serving daily. Our bottles contain approximately 4 servings.

Please do not drink more than recommended on a long term basis, as the health benefits will kick in with a small quantity. For pregnant women and children, please consult your GP first to make sure that the ingredients are suitable for consumption.

How should I store my Jamu? How long can I keep it for?

Please refrigerate the Jamu. The label on the bottle cap is our Use By date, so please consume the bottle before the date. You can keep our Jamu for up to two weeks in the fridge, although the taste may become mellow as time passes as it is made with all natural, fresh ingredients. 


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